Saturday, October 17, 2009

Corbin's Pirate Party

We had a great birthday party for Corbin. He loved playing with all the great kids that were able to come. We did a craft, had a treasure hunt, ate cake, broke the pinata, and opened some great gifts. Corbin got some books, games, toys, and the group gift of a swing set. Jason and our exchange student Henrik have been working on putting it together for 3 days. They had some extra help here and there from my dad, Tiffany ( cousion), and 2 other exchange students Alan & Emaneule. I guess the instuctions were right when they said 2 skilled workers for 20 hours. At least it's done and Corbin LOVES it. That was the point. He was outside helping by bringing screws when asked. He also would go check on "the crew" from time to time. We would take out water and snacks to keep them working. It's great that we now have it for him and his sister to enjoy for years to come. If you get a chance come over and play. It even holds big kids, I tried.


  1. So glad to see you're back to blogging!! A Pirate party sounds like super fun! I do not envy the putting the swing set together! Lucky it wasn't Santa that bought it!!!!!
    :-) We're still on track to visit next May/June so I'll keep in touch :-)

  2. pictures!! we need party pictures and swingset pictures!