Wednesday, June 9, 2010


We had a great week. We went to the Library and had story time. While there they had an egg hunt. The kids were asked to only find 8 eggs each so there would be enough for everyone. Corbin did great he found eggs fast and was careful around the kids smaller than him. He even went to Keeley's basket and counted hers for her. She only had a few so he helped load her up with more eggs. It was so sweet how he was helping her out.

On Easter Sunday we went to cousion Drew's for an egg hunt and brunch. It was fun getting together with family. The kids had a great time finding eggs. There were tons of them. It was amazing to me how well Keeley did at figuring out what to do. Corbin showed her and she just got it. Corbin made out, he had to empty his basket 3 times during the hunt. He shared at the end of the day, so I even got some candy.