Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Summer Time

This summer has just flew by. It's amazing to me how it seems like just yesterday we were hoping for it to finally get warm enough to go play at the park. Well it did and we have been several times each week during the summer.

We have also been going to the summer movie fun. There were some great movies this summer. Corbin LOVES to get his own popcorn and see the big movie. Keeley did great some weeks, not so great others. Luckly we were able to go as a family so we could trade off walking the lobby with Keeley. However there were 2 weeks we went with my sister and her kids. Brayden and Keeley have a great bond so those 2 times she sat still on Brayden's lap and ate popcorn the whole show. I think they both LOVED it. We are very lucky to have great cousions who take the time to include our kids in what they are doing.

We have also been swimming every week. Sometimes twice a week. It has been a great way to cool off. Corbin has really turned into a little fish and doesn't like to get out of the water. Keeley was not as excited about the pool at the beginning. Now she will get in and play for awhile before she watches from the side. Hopefully we can squeeze a few more weeks of swimming in.

The kids have recently discovered how great mud is. I have no clue why it's so great, but for them it's awsome. I have had so many mud pies, mud fries, mud everything. They also think it's great to put mud on each other. Oh well they wash and they are having fun!

Corbin is getting ready to start Preschool next week. To say he is excited is an understatment. We have meet the teacher night this Friday and he starts on Tuesday. I know this is the best for him, but I also know it will be a little hard letting go for both of us. He has never had a babysitter or not been with Jason or me during the day. I hope school will keep him busy enough to not miss us to much and have a great time learning. That and I hope he will kiss my goodbye everyday. I dread the day when he can't give me a kiss goodbye. Hopefully that is a long way off.

So now your up to date on what we have been up to!