Monday, July 20, 2009

The Snake

Yes, you read that right. We had a snake on our back porch last night. Jason was taking out the trash and hear this rattling near his feet. He looked down and away it went, toward the house. Thank goodness the kids were sleeping. So he took care of it. He comes back in and is so excited to show me. GROSS!! So I humor him and go out back to look and it starts moving. So he takes his head off. Really GROSS. This morning Jason & Corbin were up early. I was so happy for a little sleep. However when I get up Corbin can't wait to tell me and show me the snake skin. Yes they took off the tail and skinned the snake. The skin was drying on a board and Corbin is telling me he wants to put it up in his room. I guess it really shows I didn't have any brothers.