Friday, July 10, 2009

The Colic Cure We Use

As many of you know Keeley has Colic. Yes she is better since going off lactos, but some days are still not easy. I now totally understand why some parents do the silliest things to get there kids to stop screaming. I have heard about putting the baby on the dryer and driving around the block for hours to help. However my child is different. She hates her car seat and doesn't like her bouncy seat that so many other moms swear by. However we have found what works for us. It's the quad. I know she's so little and you are probably thinking we are nuts. However when it's one of those times we simple sit with her on it and turn it on. The noise combined with the vibration works wonders. It has actually put her to sleep. So when all else fails, get creative, it just might work.