Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Some days are better than others

This morning was rough so I decided to take Corbin to McDonalds for lunch. Things were going well and then I smelt something. I had him finish eating and then we headed off to the bathroom. It was bad, so bad we had to change his clothes. So I get him all cleaned up and undressed. Things are working pretty well especially since I have Keeley in the baby bjorn on my chest. Just as I'm putting the clean diaper under Corbin's bottom Keeley throws up all over him. It was lovely. So here I am in the bathroom with 2 kids screaming. Luckily I had a big pack of wipes. I got him all clean, again and off we went. I guess some days are better than others. 


  1. right about now im really glad you have not figured out how to post a picture!! LOL...gotta love mommyhood!

  2. you truly are the "BEST MOM EVER"
    I love you granny oh

  3. That is hysterical!!!!!!!!!!!!!